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Saturday, 12 August to Friday, 18 August 2023
In the shadow of Putin’s war 
Moldova - Russia’s Next Target?
The people of Moldova have been living in fear since the Russian attack on the Ukraine. Their nation could be next on Moscow’s list. Russian politicians and propagandists issue outright threats, even including the prospect of an invasion.
Starting Thursday, 17 August at 09:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
  Yehor's New Leg -
A Wounded Soldier Returns to the War
Yehor Oliynik is one of many Ukrainian soldiers defending Ukraine from Russian attacks. But his story is different – despite having lost a leg while fighting, he wants to go back to war using a prosthesis. Not everyone agrees.
Reporter - starting Sunday, 13 August at 06:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
Highlights of the Week
Mothers in the Boardroom - Combining Children and Career
Kids or a career - these days, mothers shouldn’t have to choose between the two.  For women living in countries with access to education and training, combining both is a completely natural thing. But working mothers are still coming up against obstacles.
Starting Wednesday, 16 August at 09:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
  Empowerment Through Football -
Young Women Kicking Down Barriers
In some religions and cultures, young women playing football is practically unthinkable. The Scoring Girls project shows how the sport is helping young women in Germany and Iraq to overcome anxieties.
Close up - starting Tuesday, 15 August at 09:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
Taiwan - A Small Island That’s Big on Diversity
Taiwan is a place of incredible variety. The tiny island’s natural beauty is a concentration of some of Asia’s most spectacular features. To the east, there are sheer cliffs with mountain peaks, plateaus and hot springs. To the south, you’ll find sandy beaches, coral reefs and lagoons.
Monday, 14 August at 09:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
  Preserving Peatlands -
Slowing Climate Change with Bogs
Peatlands are very often the setting for chilling folklore. But they serve an important function - for the climate and biodiversity. They’re capable of absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide, thereby helping to mitigate the climate crisis. Nevertheless, bogs are still being destroyed all over the world.
Starting Sunday, 13 August at 09:30 UTC on DW Deutsch+
  AI and AR – The Future of Advertising?
Artificial intelligence is changing the advertising industry: stars can be easily inserted into video clips, ads can adapt to personal preferences, and AI-generated models make diversity more affordable. Startups like Rephrase.ai are making ads tailored to small businesses featuring superstars like Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan.
Shift - starting Sunday, 13 August at 07:15 UTC on DW Deutsch+
Lifestyle Europe
The Four-Legged Mayor
At a time when politics are divisive, a British town has elected a mayor who is bringing people together: Patrick the Pony! Euromaxx reporter Meggin Leigh met the four-legged mayor.
Starting Sunday, 13 August 06:30 UTC on DW Deutsch+
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